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It’s National Farmers Market Week…



Yes, the Yuppie in me loves to walk around the farmers market on a sunny Saturday picking out squash blossoms or heirloom tomatoes and feeling like I’m shopping in some small European town. But the truth is while incredibly Yuppie, farmers markets bring produce so fresh you couldn’t begin to find equal quality in the big chain grocery stores. We now know, the vegetables and fruits we get in our big grocery stores do not have the same nutritional value as they did say when our grandmother where shopping in these stores.  The produce from your local farmer doesn’t have to be pesticides-laden or bred thick-skinned/less nutrient dense to ensure its survival cross-country to store shelves.

Now more than ever, these markets are becoming a place where recipes are shared, techniques demonstrated and a general gathering place for a community. To help combat obesity, food insecurity and food deserts, many farmers markets are now accepting SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

Thanks to the USDA this week, August 7th through August 13th, will be Farmers Market Week.   Find a farmers market near you.

Happy shopping. Cause really, what better excuse to be outside enjoying a cold beverage?

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