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The Mother of All Farmers Markets


Back from a wonderful trip to Seattle celebrating the nuptials of friends Beth and Rusty, had the opportunity to hang out in the ultimate farmer’s market, Pikes Place.  Spent the day eating scores of produce samples from all over the west coast.  The cherries! The flowers! All so vibrant.  But nothing compared to the truffle oil I scored at a little stand in the market.  Have yet to put it to good use but something tells me it won’t be long.

Since I took a very early flight out to Seattle, I was excited to spend the day exploring the city but not quite sure what time it actually was.  Looking for something to hold me over till dinner, I found a great Korean stand featuring dumplings and all sorts of  wonderful grilled meat on a stick. I settled on a “humboo” (I think) and I was not steered wrong. It was a tasty little sweet bun filled with barbecued  pork. It was delicious.

One of my favorite place in D.C., Julia’s Empanadas has a saying that “every country has one, in Jamaica they’re called ‘patties’ in Italy, they are called ‘calzones’ and in Israel they are called ‘knishes'”.  Basically, every culture has decided to stuff bread with some richly spiced meat and vegetable combo. Genius. And the Korean humboo ranked up there as one of the best meals I had in Seattle.

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