Tastes of the Old Country Here

Call Your Muthah

This still makes me laugh:

How do you show the most important lady in your life you appreciate her? With delicious gifts of course.

Doing brunch? How about awesome French Toast, these birds’ nest, yogurt parfaits with hazelnut cherry museli and something sweet

Think I am going to fill  Hand  dipped baskets with favorites from Salumeria Italiana in Boston’s North End, maybe thiswalking tour, and a copy of Kitchen Confidential.  

What’s the best advice your mom has ever given you?

I would say “never put anything in writing you wouldn’t want anyone else to read”. Learned that lesson the hard way after getting the great idea with a friend to write down every swear word we knew, as if we needed a glossary. I think we were seven. Never again. Thanks Mom.

Get the tissues:


And how could I forget:




Whadaya Think?

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