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Boston’s Chinatown: Where to Eat



Did you catch the Boston Globe’s Guide to Chinatown? Did it hit the mark? What is it missing?  Yes, the Gourmet Dumpling House is popular, it can’t be beat. The pho with pork dumplings is pretty incredible. It’s a great choice now that it’s cold. Just bring your gloves; there will likely be a line.

Great recommendation: “Have one at one of the little tables, where silver-haired gentlemen gather to chat, or take it to go. There are plenty of other goodies at Mei Sum, like the fluffy white filled buns the kindly women behind the counter are happy to steam for you. But the banh mi is the best reason to visit. Did I mention it’s only about $3?”

Where are your favorite Chinatown spots? What about the burbs?

Mini Pork Buns at the Dumpling Cafe

DINA RUDICK/GLOBE STAFF Dumpling Cafe serves the best xiao long bao, a.k.a. mini juicy buns.

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